John Andersson comics have been regularly published in swedish magazines Galago since 1990 and Kapten Stofil since 1999. He has published three comic books so far: Gene, Fred och Judy on Tago in 1992 and Atlas Peruk and Bole Sole/Schneiderduschen on his own publishing company in 1994.

Together with Niklas Nenzén he also publishes the surrealist comic magazine Diabolik, which up to now has been released in two issues, 1999 and 2002.

Peter Bigestans has drawn several comic stories in collaboration with John Andersson. Some of these have been published in swedish magazines Galago and Hjärnstorm.
Story (Historia) by John Andersson and Peter Bigestans (published in Hjärnstorm 2004)
Shadow-Man by Niklas Nenzén (published in Lucifer 2000 and Diabolik 2/2002)
Poodle´s Core (or Heart of the Matter) (Pudelns kärna) by John Andersson (published in Galago 6/2002)
Smile of the earth (Jordens leende) by Niklas Nenzén (published in Diabolik 2/2002)
A subterranean creature tells the life-story of his race through a cartoon in an old folks´ home. Dreamt comic, synthethizing three incitaments: I. Merkushev´s "The wind of Words", C. A. Smith´s "The seed from the sepulchre" and the 4:th Canto from Maldoror by Lautreamont.